November 25, 2012

Dearest attachments,

I really wish contentment for each of us; whichever future we'll take, however seldom we smiled at each other. I was many times wondering myself on how should I go along with us, but I always hoped each of us agree that love is understanding the unsaid, and trust is about being patiently detached.
Each of us is growing. There are times when I felt like one of us grows too fast, or sometimes another seemingly grows back, or that we unconsciously put hold on each other's growth. We are growing without anyone's aware on what matters to each of us anymore. We are thrown into each other along with such impossible task to bear, whilst we are growing.
We, not one, are obliged to set the pact on how we relate to each other and to everyone and to expand it each day, and there is really nowhere we should look upon for comparison. We build each of us from stories, packed stories we're secretly eager to hear but misleadingly discouraged to tell much. We overcame frowns when laugh is hard without any need for resolutions. We had our times, and hopefully we will be having a lot more. 
Sometimes, I think we lived up too much expectations of each others' presence. True, there were many dreary nights when we're collected but our heads were absent. But we can't force presence, we could only wish to grasp passing moments. I understand that moments, as we took the world seriously, is growing hard to clutch; and many times each of us were frustrated by our futile efforts. But, please bother yourselves sometime to look at moments when we set our expectations free. When presence is unbearable, grip on those for the time being.
I always hoped harsh changes would perch on us every now and then. That it would make us see from each others' heights, that it would put us in a cherished distance we needed to look back and be fond of ourselves. Changes is what keeps each of us here to withstand ourselves.

Being a black sheep myself, I wish I'd never changed. Please make sure the wind outside greets the furnitures once in a while.

Yours submissively,