April 11, 2009


looking back on a night highway ride, rain pours kindly and i sit at the back of the car watching other cars left behind one by one; street lights run and blink hand in hand behind some tree silhouettes and i remember of you. i remember the YKK building we seriously laughed at, i remember us waving at strangers; the balcony, your gypsy-looking style once, paired hats, and many things i know you won't remember and in fact you don't have to. i don't love like those idiots do by any chance, i don't make my story similar to any stupid up to date love songsi don't want to sing to you i only want to sing with youit's been so long now and so far as well and you and i both have grown. we're not that kids who sneak out and leave school in study time anymore. unfortunately..
now i hope you can't read.