April 15, 2010

it was my exact nineteenth, or, well, i can't remember clear, twentieth might also... i was in this room for a so-called meeting with my colleagues. i can't recall anything important from the chat, sorry. anyway... i was kind of losing attention and even distracted to some sneaking sound outside. who wouldn't anyway. by now when i try hard recalling it clearly, i remember hearing loud giggles too. then in a second rush i remember a pack of people bragged in with some paper trumpets and cupcakes. ah, they sang, too, i think... anyway they circled the room along with the previously-chit-chatted-colleagues. i was kinda in the mood for doodling back then; i think i was drawing dolphins. they were getting close, i remember, and well, this may be embarrassing for you (i don't remember being embarrassed by this, though) as they collected and sang happy birthday to you to an unknown colleagues sitting two rows behind me.